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Finley's Annual Naughty or Nice List 2019

‘Tis the season! It's that time of year where our team comes together to make Santa’s life a little easier. We’ve searched high and low, wracked our brains, debated for months and now we’re releasing the Finley’s Official Naughty and Nice Pup’s of Instagram list!  Many factors were considered in this very difficult decision, but in the end, every pup made compelling efforts to be on both lists. For those efforts, they should each be spoiled with a variety pack of their favorite Finley's all-natural dog biscuits. Nonetheless, enjoy the list below and don’t forget to tell us where your furry friends landed this year!   Photo Credit: @ramenpairedwithpinot Pinot was recently adopted and is now living his best life under the tree. He'll be working on his manners and sharing presents this Christmas. Nice List!   Photo Credit: @trufomakesmyday Hard to argue with this one. Our team loved the honesty and think Santa will too. However, much like we tell our human kiddos, it should have never happened in the first place.  Naughty!    Photo Credit: @hi.wiley Wiley is breaking hearts in an effort to support our friends battling cancer. Anyone elevating people and supporting a cause is a winner in our books. Nice list!   Photo Credit: @pointerproblems According to Denis Lemieux in the classic movie Slapshot, "You do that, you go to the box, you know. Two minutes, by yourself, you know and you feel shame, you know. And then you get free." Well, Lylle's about to break free and rocking a North Stars hat, so she has our vote... While her brother Gordie is unamused, but he should be! We don't know why she's even in the box, so we have to error on the good side this year... Split Decision - so NICE list!   Photo Credit: @bonniethedoog Sometimes its not a bad thing to build yourself a bed made of snow. Typically you do that outside though. Bonnie made a strong move to build one inside. Naughty!     Photo Credit: @mr_jack_the_lab Jack may drool on beds but at least he looks good while doing It. Wonder what flavor Finley's treats made him drool... Nice list!     Photo Credit: @sit_ollie_sit We're applauding Ollie's courage here. Although Santa hogged the photo op, it came to our attention it was in pure excitement. Ollie made a case to take Rudolph's spot this year. Wonder what Santa's decision was!  Nice List!